In the beginnig,
To use HARPS Dashboard, you need the Username and Password.
If you still don’t have your HARPS account, please refer to How to join.
1, Log in to “HARPS Dashboard”
You can log in from https://aqua.harps4.com.
2, Download the Mobile app “HARPS Toolkit” to your mobile phone.
Download Mobile app from the below.
For iOS
For Android
3, Register your Location(s).
In advance, you can register the Locations that the devices will be installed.
HARPS Dashboard > Location Management > Add Location
4, Setup the Flow Sensor and IoTIZR.
Connect Flow sensor to your water purifier system and set IoTIZR to place that away from water.
5, Install IoTIZR (Register your water treatment system to HARPS)
Following operation uses “HARPS Toolkit” with your mobile phone. Setup process will start on smartphone app.
Please make sure turn on Bluetooth , allow notification, allow Location access to “Always”.
Push “H” button on the IoTIZR.
Then your mobile phone receive the push notification. Please Tap the notification.
The install flow will start automatically.Please proceed the steps following the instruction on the app.
6, Setup has done.
Status monitoring will start immediately after the IoTIZR set up is completed. Information will be update everyday.